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The Do's And Don'ts Of Booking Escorts

We have been on a content writing spree recently and our main aim is to try and make our website as informative as we can for you punters so you should have no troubles when it comes too booking our ladies, our guides will be more for the newer punters in the industry so make sure you give our old posts a read as well:

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For this article we also asked other agencies to contribute to what they thought should appear in this blog and below is what we have for you, we hope you enjoy our guide:

What You Should Do:

  • Always be polite and respectful whether that be when you call us up, send an email regarding a booking request or when you are talking to our ladies, politeness and manners cost nothing and it really isn’t much to ask for, the way we see it is you should treat people how you want to be treated, if you are rude or aggressive then we will either terminate the booking or you won’t get as far as making the booking.


  • When introducing yourself be polite and confident, it’s just the same as talking to a good friend and you should talk to us and the girls in the same manner, remember when talking to our girls try and engage in a meaningful conversation as they are human as well.


  • Be sure to read our website before arranging your booking and this goes for when you are dealing with an agency provider, most professional run agencies will have a privacy policy, copyright policy and a terms and conditions page which will usually outline important points to consider before arranging your booking, failing to comply with this can end up with consequences so be sure to read up. You don’t need to sit there and read everything but it is on the website for a website to ensure your booking goes smoothly.


  • We would say this one is an important one, if you are unsure of where the location is again whether that be the room number or where you should leave the envelope then please make sure to do this is a private and not public place such as your car or before you leave your house, calling in the building or hotel you are meeting isn’t a good luck and all of the girls prioritise their discretion as most of them have normal jobs and live a normal life outside of escorting and so they really do not want these to cross paths.


  • When visiting the girl don’t use her working name at the door, if for say you have to buzz to get to her flat then be sure to just say “Hey it’s me” to make it looks like an old friend is visiting her, the last things she wants is to be called all these different names she is called on agency websites and have her neighbours very suspicious and that something may be going on.


  • Make sure you appreciate the girl and the services which she offers, if you haven’t seen these services which you would like to try then don’t try and push your luck by asking, what you see on the providers website is what you get so it’s not very respectful nor professional to ask and try and persuade her to do things which she doesn’t offer, if you really want to know if she will do anything else then you should discuss this before your booking with the receptionist.


  • Make sure you are groomed well and hygienic for your booking, we always advise that before your booking you are to trim/shave well and have a shower before your appointment, this involves looking presentable such as trimming your finger and toenails and even shaving your beard if it isn’t in shape, the way we see it is you should prepare for an escort just like you would if you were going on a hot date and you may be in for a lucky night afterwards.


  • Allow the girl to prepare as much as you can if you want to lick towards the anal area lets say then please give them notice just so they can make sure this is completely waxed for you, preparation is key so the more information which you can give them before the booking and it really does benefit the both of you.


  • Always have your own condoms on you (just in case) this usually isn’t a problem because the girl will bring many different sizes usually so you can pick the perfect one but as you know things can be forgotten very easily so it makes sense to pack your own because you never know and you wouldn’t want to be disappointed now.


  • If you suffer from any kind of allergies then make itself known before your booking, you will find that a lot of ladies will prepare for your booking by lighting scented candles or they may have air fresheners plugged into sockets, some of the girls will also keep pets such as cats and dogs so it is important to let the girl or agency know this before your booking so this problem can be resolved, your provider won’t want to see you unhappy and sneezing throughout your stay because of your allergies and the girls are always happy to resolve any issues for you.


  • If you are having the girl over at your place then it is essential that you tidy up and make it as clean as possible, you wouldn’t want to go round to her flat if it was dirty so the same applies for you, be sure to give it a good clean down and then prepare with some candles and even a bottle of champagne in a bucket of ice for when she comes round.

So with the majority of the Do’s now out of the way we feel it is appropriate to move onto the Don’ts as you won’t get far otherwise:

What you should avoid doing:

  • Try to avoid eating pungent foods before your bookings such as onions or garlic because it really doesn’t matter how much you try to cover it up your escort will still be able to smell it, it’s just courtesy and the chances are you won’t be doing any deep french kissing with that breath.


  • Don’t completely smother yourself in aftershave, this applies more so to the downstairs area and the rule goes as follow, if you would like a tongue to touch it then you should cologne should not be on it, the same way your girl won’t spray her punani with perfume. If you are putting deodorant on then stick to the wrists and neck area.


  • Do not try to haggle with the woman whether you don’t have enough money on your or you think you can get her to lower the rates, you know the procedure and the rates agreed over the phone are what you will pay and that is that just remember that the girl who works for an agency also has to pay fees and so she can not afford to work for any cheaper, just the same with your hourly wage, you aren’t going to lower it to please someone else are you?


  • Try to avoid using the girl's toilets where possible and if you can use the toilet in the hotel lobby before entering her room then that would be ideal, it’s just for hygiene reasons as you can imagine how many different people would be using her toilet? If you are having a shower at her place (if that’s been agreed) then make sure you don’t pee in her shower… The girls are not stupid and they will know when you have done this, it just means more mess that she has to clean up before her next booking and this can be easily avoided, basically show some manners and everything will be fine.


  • Don’t bring surprise gifts unless you have cleared it through with the agency beforehand, it’s just in case the girl you are seeing might have allergies to the flowers that you have just bought or she could be a diabetic and so wouldn’t be able to accept your chocolates, it’s just a little bit awkward for her if she can’t accept the nice gift which you have decided to buy for her.


  • Ask you escort how many other clients she has seen today or is planning to see throughout the day, this is just not a topic that use should really be discussing in your booking time but at the end of the time this is also none of your business, this question is quite personal to the girl and it’s almost like her asking you how much cash you have in your bank account? There is a lot more to conversate about than this and besides if she says a number you aren’t happy with then it might just ruin your booking.


  • Try to stay longer than you have booked for without paying, rules are rules and once your time slot is up it’s time to leave, it’s the same for the girl, she will leave your place at the correct time so don’t think you can get away with it either, she has other places to be and time slots allocated so she needs to prepare herself and her place for her next client.


  • Use bull s*** excuses to cancel your booking, if you have decided to change your mind on the booking with her for whatever reason then just be honest, you know what they say, honesty really is the best policy and 9 times out of 10 she will understand and have no problems with this, it’s just when you start to make daft excuses that it will start to grind their teeth, they have literally heard everything and will know when you are lying so just remember that, it really won’t do you any favours either the next time you decide to request a booking.


  • Don’t promise her things which you can’t deliver, whether that be a present, tip or review, if you are trying to impress her by telling her this and that and then not delivering it then who looks the fool? At the end of the day you only owe the provider a donation and nothing else so you really don’t need to promise this girl the world, especially when you don’t deliver, it’s just really not worth it.

Well that is us done for the day and hopefully this has given you a great guide on what you should do and don’t when seeing an escort, this guide isn’t written for no reason so be sure to take away things from this article as there are some really important points in here which will help you out throughout your escort bookings.