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Pros & Cons of Escort Independence

Escorting is an ever growing business in an ever-expanding industry in an ever-changing world so it's no surprise even within the world of escorting, you are presented with a number of possible ways to conduct your business. Escorting can be more than a lucrative business if handled and managed properly but what's the best way to do that? Some escorts prefer to attach themselves to an agency like Violets Agency who represents them and they will essentially 'work' for that agency. Other people choose the independent route and prefer to solely work for themselves. Today we're going to go through a short list of pro's and con's to working as an independent escort.

Manchester Escort or Independent?

One of the definitive advantages to working independently as an escort is your flexible hours. Although it's true you can have flexible hours with an agency as it's ultimately your choice in the end whether you want to proceed with a booking or not, but when you are independent there is total control of your hours. You start when you want and switch off when you want and the only time you have to answer the phone is when you feel like it. This type of freedom is what most people strive for in their jobs and escorting can provide you with a freedom most jobs never would. Do you want to go to the park today and just relax? Or maybe you had a day out planned with someone, or you want to have a family day, it's entirely your choice whether you want to work or not.

The disadvantage to this, however, is you have to find your own clientele. When our Manchester escort agency represents escorts we will seek out their clients for them and all you have to do is meet your client. Finding your own clientele can be slow as the whole process can be a learning curve, and you may not have enough time to dedicate to this education.

It's All About What and Who You Know

Do you know the best places for a Manchester escort to advertise? What times are best? Everyone makes mistakes and we are only human. We as an agency has already gone through the initial 'mistake' process and has figured out the best way for them to attract regular clientele. Something that may take you some time to figure out especially without external help and this can result in a slow day for bookings or even a slow week and a slow week means money will also be slow.

Another advantage of being independent is you choose your own terms. It's entirely up to you when and how you work. You make the rules. For example, you may decide to fluctuate your prices which is completely fine as you're in charge. Bare in mind this may not be a good idea with repeat clients as they may be expecting a certain price because of the last booking but the principle remains, you're in charge and the terms of you're agreement is completely what you decide. Some agencies will have set rules and regulations or dress codes to follow but when the terms are decided by you restrictions enforced by agencies are instantly removed.

The disadvantage to this, however, is you will have to handle all your own calls and business. One of the major benefits of having our agency represent you is we do exactly that. We will represent you in your place and handle your bookings for you, seek out clientele, screen safe and unsafe bookings, block the hassle and arrange your time and meetings for you. As you can imagine if you are busy with bookings this in itself is a full-time job and can prove to be too time-consuming for one person to do while also trying to make it to each booking successfully and please the client. If you are planning to handle all your own calls and clients you will have to work a system where enough but strict time is dedicated to handling calls.

Probably the most enticing of the advantages of being independent is the money factor. Normally when escorts are represented by agencies the agency will take a percentage of the money you earn as a fee for the work they're doing for you, which is expected but when you're independent a 100 percent of the earnings are yours. Like we said this means you will be handling more calls, screenings and bookings on your own but if you manage them well, the money could more than make up for the extra hard work.

The disadvantage to this is your expenses will probably be higher. As an independent escort you will need your own website or to pay to advertise on other websites which can cost a fair bit. As well as this you will often need to replace expenses shoes, coats, dresses and lingerie which isn't cheap and the extra time you spend seeking out clients and sorting your advertising can in turn make you too busy or tired to handle bookings properly. Your level success here could also be your failure with bad management. Being independent is a freedom like no other, but if you are weighing your options between independent or an agency consider the amount of extra work you are willing to do outside of the bookings. If you are prepared to manage all the extra work and still successfully attend your bookings then independent could be for you. If you think you will struggle with this or you have no interest in this aspect and just want to attend the bookings, the money you give up to an agency could be worth it for you.

Work for Violets Manchester Escorts Agency

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