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Booking Manchester Escorts FAQ - Part 2

Why Are The Girls Images Blurred Or Cut Off?

You will find that some of our girls images will either be blurred or cut off just to keep some of these ladies identities secure, all our girls live a normal life out of escorting and some of them even have normal 9 - 5 office jobs so it’s very important to them and us at Violets Agency that we don’t mix their social life with their working life. Just because you can’t see there faces doesn’t mean their not attractive all of our girls are very beautiful.

What Information Will I have to provide to secure my booking?

Before your booking we will need the following details from you to ensure that you’re not a time waster and want to go through with the booking:

Your name, the chosen address whether that be your apartment or the hotel you're staying in and we also need a landline number to get in contact with you. We will ring this around an hour before your booking to make sure you are available and our ladies don’t have to travel to be let down. This is just our policy at Violets Agency and none of this information will ever be shared with third party businesses or people for that matter.

How Do I pay and when should I pay for my booking?

At this moment we do not take card payments but this may be something that we will implement in the near future if there becomes a demand for it but as it stands, for now, we will only be accepting cash payments, we advise that you leave the money on a table or side which is very noticeable for when the girl comes into your apartment or if you are visiting her on an out-call booking then you should leave it on the side when you walk in but make sure the girl can see this, we usually ask our girls once she has received the money to give our agency a call to make sure everything is fine and she is also in safe hands, so if you do notice your girl on the phone at the start then you have nothing to worry about we require this from all our ladies.

How should I prepare for my companion?

We advise that you take the time out to make sure you are looking your best for our ladies as they will be doing the same for you, make sure you are well groomed, showered before the booking and of course smelling good and dressed to impress our beautiful ladies, they will spend a lot of time preparing to see you so it’s only right you make the effort for her, treat it like a date and you are trying to make a great first impression. We recommend you check out this article on the UK National Escort Association which is a brief article on Escort Etiquette, this will tell you how to prepare properly for your booking.

How long can I book an escort for?

At our agency we have no maximum booking length and it all comes down to you and how long you want to spend with our ladies, if you want to book our ladies for 12 hours or even a weekend then we have no problem with this whatsoever as long as you pay the fees and look after our girls, the only thing we do have in place really is a minimum booking time which is an hour for each girl. You can find more about rates on the girls profiles as some may be more expensive than others.

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